Friday, December 23, 2011

A new Year a New attitude.

Whoa boy, I have really just let this blog go. I have been knitting so much, and reading and having another health problem for the year that it hasn't much been on my mind to actually blog here.

My main focus for this coming year is a big weight loss and we are taking a cruise for our 40th anniversary in Sept. Actually, we are going over my birthday as our anniversary is in November, but this was the last date of "cheap" cruise tickets so we took them and decided to do our anniversary early.

I am going to post a bunch of pics of stuff I have been knitting next time I get in here so be patient with me, I promise to get better.

Everyone have a wonderful Christmas this year!!!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

As you can see, I have been seriously neglecting my blog, but we have had health issues that have kept me busy for the past year.

I learned to make socks since my last posting and am pretty proficient with just plain socks though I do like the self striping and such.

I promise to try and download some more pictures and get in here more often. The boys are growing up so fast now that seems like time is slipping away.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I am getting seriously bad about not keeping my blog updated. I think it is old age and I forget about it sometimes.

As far as knitting goes, I am currently making placemats for my son and dil's anniversary. I bought cloth napkins that blend with the fiber colors so they look nice. I am down to knitting my last two and can't wait to finish them. Then I can go back to knitting my boys their sweaters for Christmas. They have yet to be blocked so they are kind of the rough stage.

Thomas is going to be in a little mermaid play this weekend and we are looking forward to seeing that. Won't be long and he will be having his spring recital. I missed his last recital as I was violently ill that day and Jack didn't go because he didn't want to leave me alone. Don't know why as he can't hold the bowl over me... :)

I bought the cutest things for the boys easter baskets this year from Swiss Colony. I have an account with them and I bought these little round quarter sized chickens and bunnies that have a peanut butter filling (for T only as Jackson can't have peanut butter yet) and then got some cute green frogs that are chocolate truffles. I also bought these tiny slivers of cake that look like itty bitty ice cream cones I thought they might like. Thomas gets at least three baskets so I try and do a bit different for him. I got him a Wii card and a cute Webkinz turtle, which he collects. Jackson is potty training age and his mom requested stuff like that so I did a search and found the top rated book for kids on potty training (not for the parent but for the kid to read with the parent) It is a small book he can hold in his hand and I got a set of potty training stickers and bought him a box of "big boy" underpants.
I will try to do better about keeping up with things, but until next time...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


The kids were able to come down for Thanksgiving so we combined it with a Christmas celebration. We will go to dd's house on Christmas Eve and have dinner with her family, but for all intensive purposes, we are done with Christmas for this year. Jack and I were both sick up to the time of the holiday, which made it hard to get things done. Somehow I got all the decorating and cooking done in time.

I bought the boys matching outfits and they wore them for their picture with Santa. Jackson wasn't too thrilled with Santa this year but they got him to quit crying so they could take the picture.

He and Thomas had such a good time together. Thomas was patient and kind with Jackson and Jackson hero worshipped Thomas, following him everywhere and emulating anything Thomas didn.

We got a kick out of Jackson. His parents have a Wii and Jackson would play Wii with Thomas though he had no idea he wasn't really playing. He would swing the controller like he was playing baseball or tennis then point at the tv. He was a hoot. We bought him an Elmo live for Christmas and it is an adorable toy. He sings and dances and tells stories. He has a little plastic stool that he squats on and sits to tell stories. Well, Jackson came over, pushed Elmo over, took the stool and sat on it. Now this thing is plastic and not made for a toddler's butt, but Jackson didn't care! lol

The kids loved their gifts and the adults had fun exchanging their silly children's gifts. The little ones then took all the kids gifts the adults exchanged to the Salvation Army and gave them away.

I developed either food poisoning or the flu on Friday and was sick through the rest of the holiday. I didn't get to enjoy Saturday with them at all as I had to stay home all day. Jay and Alicia went home on Sunday and all is now quiet again at our house. I am cleaning up Thanksgiving leftovers, sent all the junk food with Jack to work and am putting things back to normal except for the decorations. We will leave them up until Christmas then take them down and pack them away again.

I am making another apple hat for my dil's niece in a bigger size, then 3 more hats for the little girl with cancer. These are the patterns I chose and will start on them when I finish with the apple hat. I also have a felted newsboy bag I have to make for my niece to hold her school books and am waiting for that yarn before I can begin it.

Hope everyone who peeks in is doing well. TTFN! Donna

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween has come and gone...

The kids both had a fun time trick or treating this year. Jay said Jackson helped hand out candy, but wanted to eat it more than anything! lol Here he is in his little doggy costume. I was flabbergasted at how he had grown! He looks like a 3 year old instead of less than 18 months. His dad says he is the youngest in his group at day care, but is bigger than all of them. He is going to be his daddy for sure.
I forgot my camera and didn't get a picture of Thomas in his Futurama costume. The brain slug was hard to keep on as it was top heavy, but with a little wrangling we got it to stay. I don't think I said that after the Wall Street Journal article he was invited onto Good Morning America and here is the link to his national debut on television. He is now a star at school!

I am still trudging along with the candy cane hats. I just can't seem to get into a knitting mode. I have a friend who wants me to teach a knitting class to little kids and moms at St Judes. She is trying to arrange something. That should be interesting considering I knit left handed. Not continental, left handed.

Voting is done and we have a soon to be new president. If the white supremicists don't get him in the first year. They seem to be trying, that is for sure the scum. They have killed for a lot less. I am not impressed with him and could care less about his color. I think he will raise taxes for the very people he promises tax breaks to so he can fund his inflated welfare and social programs. Someone has to pay for it and the middle class always take the brunt of anything the government wants to do.

I seem to be destined to screw up the plumbing in this place. In the last year I broke off both spouts on both tubs and day before yesterday the shower head came off in my hand. Nice thing is I have a nice handheld now that I have always been wanting and all new fixtures on the tub since the plumber came in and replaced them all. They are original fixtures so thirty + years old so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that stuff has happened, but why can't it happen to Jack???

I have been doing some spring cleaning before the kids get here at Thanksgiving and boy it poops me out. I push myself too much, but stuff has to get done and I am the only one to do it the way I want it. I have made a lot of progress over the last couple days.

Guess I will sign off and get some breakfast fixed for Jack.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our grandson has made the Wall Street Journal! They did an article on kids in politics and Thomas was one of the kids. Part of his "election" speech for a Student Council position he ran for and won is in the article along with info on him and his picture. Check it out:

I am currently working on candy cane hats for the family Christmas picture, red with white for my dd's family and white with red for my son's. I will do something different then for Jack and I. If they don't want them, we will donate them to charity afterwards.

I have lots of yarn and knitting I can do, but am having some pain in the joint and muscle of my elbow so it makes it painful to knit sometimes. Nothing is on a time frame though so I don't feel pressed except to get the hats done and they go pretty fast.

Jackson, Alicia and Jay will be down here for Thanksgiving and we are celebrating Christmas at the same time. We decided to do something fun and charitable this year. We are buying gifts for the adults, but they are to be toys or games that fit the personality of the person. We are then going to donate them all to Toys for Tots. I bought my son a stuffed Spongebob Squarepants in a Karate Gi because he does jujitsu, my daughter-in-law an Alchemy game because she is a pharmacist, a Rubik's Cube for my son-in-law because he is a puzzle that takes time to figure out and my dd I bought the card game Mad Gab because she is a talker. It was fun thinking of what to buy. My dil was the hardest and I overspent on our $10 budget for each, but I couldn't find anything.

Next time, I hope to have more knitting pics to post. Until then, have a great one!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A brain Slug????????

Kelly emailed me and ask if I would make a brain slug for Thomas to wear for Halloween. He is going to be some character from the Futurama cartoon and needed me to knit him a brain slug. I guess this is what a brain slug looks like!

Thomas won his seat on the Student Council
by unanimous school vote. Someone at Wall Street
Journal saw his UTube and wants to interview him
for the newspaper. My 8 year old grandson the famous politician!

Well tonight starts the baseball playoffs. Cubs and Dodgers start at 5:00 I guess. Sure hope the ole Cubbies are on top of their game. Maybe they can go all the way this year. I get so emotional about the game, which is kind of stupid.

Guess I better get back to knitting and doing chores. They just don't seem to want to do themselves.